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 02.05.2009 Instant Cup #10 > iudas wins
Instant Cup Quake 4
History Servers Brackets

Here is next part of Instant Cup #10 we open sign ups from now and we start nearly after Saturday lunch at 14:00 cet  2. of May.

!add or query me on irc

In the previous cup you saw Tournament with 8 players and very amazing GrandFinal game from abso. His opponent was Finland player Danskie which take second place in this cup. The GrandFinal game was streamed and comented by Hawr1x.
It was realy great show and we wanna this show with stream use again right in this cup.

Rules :
: All of signs-up players must be checked-in on irc channel before start cup
Maps: Ravage, Torment, Placebo Effect, Phrantic, Moonson,
Max number of sing-up players: 12-16
System of Tourney: FDE
System of Matches: BO3
Time limit: 15
Official channel: #Q4.cz

Sign-up players: , Hawr1x,  death-soto, Eureka , Ach1lles
                         Raymen, crazyOne, Danskie, pR|poliakov
                          zuphrin, iudas, fact-Lahire, np|nova

Alternates (backup) players: 1fall/ash, Virus0, diabz

Standing of players


Previous part of Instant cup #9


Kyng 20:43 @ 15/11/09
dá se koupit na neru 19:12 @ 15/11/09
dá se stáhnout quka4 já mám všechny kromě 4 dá se stáhnout na netu?
iudas^ 12:31 @ 03/05/09
eshe ne vce kon4eno ))) nado c poslednim razobratbci =)
Yavich 17:49 @ 02/05/09
iudas - krasava!
Yavich 16:11 @ 02/05/09
Demki budut?
diabz 00:48 @ 02/05/09
Achilles 13:51 @ 01/05/09
not gonna make the duel got work :S
VirusO 08:46 @ 01/05/09
1fall/ash 16:11 @ 29/04/09
zuphrin 13:49 @ 29/04/09
moar kwayque 4 pleez
Eureka.ru 12:54 @ 29/04/09
Eureka.ru 12:53 @ 29/04/09
nova 20:04 @ 28/04/09
iudas^ 19:34 @ 28/04/09
!add 19:33 @ 28/04/09
Achilles 14:51 @ 27/04/09
Lacoste 08:43 @ 27/04/09
Kakermann 13:12 @ 20/04/09
Iam singed up. this time i try to be beter
Hawr1x 19:45 @ 19/04/09
poliakov 19:34 @ 19/04/09
!add =)

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